Humphrey Law Bamboo Rayon Blend Socks


From the beginning, the aim of Humphrey Law & Co Pty Ltd was to provide quality and value for money. This has not changed. Today’s Humphrey Law socks are carefully made with the finest natural yarns – predominantly wool and cotton – and sold at realistic and competitive prices.

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  • Bamboo-rayon is a renewable fiber.
  • Bamboo, is a very fast-growing grass with little or no need for pesticides, the bamboo is crushed and then chemically processed to make Bamboo-Rayon.
  • Bamboo-Rayon has good abrasion resistance so socks should last longer than natural fibres.
  • Suitable for year-round wear in warmer climates and summer wear in cooler climates.
  •  67% Bamboo-Rayon, 31% Nylon, 2% Elastane.

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Humphrey Law

Humphrey Law, a revered name within George Gooley's diverse collection, welcomes the communities of Lismore, Ballina, and Casino into a world of unparalleled comfort and craftsmanship. Nestled in these Northern Rivers towns, Humphrey Law curates an exceptional selection of socks and hosiery, seamlessly blending traditional quality with contemporary style. Our stores are havens for those seeking reliable and finely crafted essentials, showcasing a range from everyday comfort to specialized performance wear. From classic designs to innovative textiles, Humphrey Law caters to the discerning tastes of our patrons, offering an immersive shopping experience where each pair of socks embodies the brand's commitment to enduring comfort and style. Step into our Lismore, Ballina, and Casino locations and experience the exceptional comfort and quality of Humphrey Law.