Globe GS Boot

Elevate your style with the Globe GS Boot. These contemporary kicks seamlessly blend urban edge with skate-inspired flair. The dark shadow color exudes sophistication, while the gum sole adds a touch of rugged charm. Step into comfort and trendsetting design as you navigate the streets in these versatile boots.

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Oiled Suede/Nylon Upper
Shockbed™ insole
Super-V™ outsole

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Globe, an emblem of skate culture and urban cool within Jeanhouse's diverse collection, invites the dynamic community of Lismore into a world of rebellious style and progressive design. Nestled in this Northern Rivers town, Globe curates a vibrant selection of skate-inspired footwear, apparel, and accessories, seamlessly blending street-smart aesthetics with cutting-edge trends. Our store serves as a hub for those seeking authentic and trendsetting fashion choices, showcasing the brand's renowned skate shoes alongside an array of urban essentials. From bold graphic tees to performance-driven footwear, Globe caters to diverse tastes with a commitment to quality and the spirited essence of individuality. Step into our Lismore location and embrace the rebellious allure of Globe.