Holeproof All Seasons Singlet


This singlet is made from a unique waffle knit material which is quick drying and hard wearing. It is a traditional cut athletic singlet with narrow straps.

MATERIAL: Cotton polyester blend



  • Unique waffle knit material
  • Quick drying
  • Hard wearing
  • Traditional cut athletic singlet
  • Narrow Straps
  • MATERIAL: Cotton polyester blend

Additional information

Weight0.2100 kg
Mens Top Size
  • 85-90
  • 95
  • 100
  • 105-110



Holeproof, a stalwart in George Gooley's esteemed collection, welcomes the communities of Lismore, Ballina, and Casino into a world of enduring comfort and quality. Nestled in these Northern Rivers towns, Holeproof curates a dynamic selection of hosiery and undergarments, seamlessly blending practicality with everyday luxury. Our stores serve as reliable havens for those seeking trusted essentials, showcasing a range from classic underwear to innovative loungewear. From timeless comfort to modern design, Holeproof caters to diverse tastes with a commitment to durability and style. Step into our Lismore, Ballina, and Casino locations and experience the unmatched comfort and enduring quality of Holeproof.

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